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Depression at Christmas

December 2014 The Hollywood version of Christmas, where everything is perfect and idealised, is so familiar to us as it’sContinue Reading

Stop Panicking – Start Living!

April 2014 For someone suffering panic attacks or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), life becomes a struggle as the suffererContinue Reading

Clearing Sinuses Problems – Naturally

February 2014 Believe it or not, we normally produce a litre of mucus each day. We need this to moistenContinue Reading

Good Digestion

January 2014 Efficient digestion is essential to good health and herbal medicine offers a range of remedies for digestive complaints,Continue Reading

Dealing with the Festive Blues

December 2013 “Stress and anxiety, in our modern society, have become almost endemic”, says Jikiden Reiki practitioner Gisela Stewart. “InContinue Reading

Dealing with Chronic Pain

November 2013 Millions of us live with chronic pain, relying on painkillers to in order to cope. However, complementary therapiesContinue Reading

Helping Children Back to School

August 2013 Starting primary or secondary school is exciting, but can also be a time of stress as children adjustContinue Reading

Fit for Summer!

July 2013 Do you find it a struggle keeping fit? Rosemary Dean at Down To Earth Health in Melrose usesContinue Reading

Dealing with Physical Injuries

May 2013 The human body is perfectly capable of healing most of the physical injuries it will be subjected toContinue Reading

Spring Clean your Body and Mind

March 2013 In Spring, we often get a mysterious urge to not only to clear out our homes, but alsoContinue Reading