Natural Help for Cancer

February 2015

Living with cancer is tough on your body and mind. Taking time out to give something back to your body can be very rewarding, and can help with recovery and the ability to cope with treatment side-effects.

The massage treatments for people living with cancer are adjusted to lighter touch and to build trust between the client and therapist. When dealing with life changing disease, it’s important not to stress the body, instead to nurture it and provide soothing touch. Massage treatments can help you cope better with on-going treatments by reducing pain, fatigue, nausea and anxiety and improving sleep, mood and overall well-being. Massage also helps your body recovery after all medical treatments have been finished by putting you back in tune with your body. Anu Pitman has trained with Iris Cancer Partnership and Scottish Massage Schools to gain knowledge on this field. She runs weekly clinics in Kelso and is also happy to arrange home visits. To find out more details, please give Anu a call.


Acupuncturist Susan Meredith has 25 years’ experience of treating people at different stages of cancer. Cancer can affect people of any age, and to different degrees, and of course in different parts of the body, and also people are very different in how the disease affects them, so there is never one treatment programme that suits everyone. Acupuncture has a very flexible approach that allows for tailor-made treatments that respect this individuality.

“Often people contact me when they are about to undergo chemo or radiotherapy, as acupuncture has a well-deserved reputation for assisting the body’s immune system which can be targeted by the treatment protocol,” says Susan. “People report better energy, better sleep, less anxiety and feel helped through what can be a difficult time. Acupuncture can also help with the side-effects of either the medication or the cancer itself, including nausea, tiredness or headaches.”

Since attending a specialist training on the treatment of scar tissue, Susan has also worked with people who have had surgery, to relieve pain and discomfort, and improve the appearance of scarring.


Jikiden Reiki, a natural hand healing method from Japan, can have tangible benefits in all stages of cancer care. “Accompanying people in this phase of their lives always feels like a huge privilege to me,” says Galashiels based Jikiden Reiki practitioner and teacher Gisela Stewart. Reiki treatment is known to relieve stress and anxiety and is often experienced as very comforting, reducing both physical pain and emotional distress. This can be invaluable during the emotionally heightened times of cancer treatment, as well as in end-of-life care. In Jikiden Reiki, we work on the premise that Reiki energy helps the body to break down and eliminate toxins. During chemotherapy we would normally focus treatment particularly on the kidneys and liver, to aid detoxification. Boosting the body’s natural healing mechanisms, regular Reiki treatment can reduce some of the side-effects of medical cancer treatments. After surgery, Reiki can positively influence recovery times.