Preventing Back Pain

July 2015

There’s no simple solution to the problem of back pain. As Paul Homoky explains,” ‘Quick fix’ approaches are of limited benefit, because each case is as unique as you are!” That’s why the most vital part of managing back pain is a clear and accurate diagnosis. At Health for Life Spinal Wellness Centre, every patient begins with a thorough exam by a chiropractic doctor. Orthopaedic tests, spinal nerve root testing, and bio-mechanical exams are essential to identify the cause and to ensure the right treatment approach. In some cases, X-rays or MRI scans may be necessary. Corrective spinal care is a teamwork approach at Health for Life. Your carefully prescribed treatment plan will include a combination of gentle spinal re-adjustments, a personalised exercise plan and self-care advice. Paul says, “We’ve developed our techniques over 17 years while helping thousands of people suffering with spinal pain. Restoring natural spinal alignment and function—and maintaining it for life—are essential for banishing back pain and for enabling you to live a full, active life!”


Pain is a signal that something needs to change. “If we ignore it and soldier on,” says Mary Young, a McTimoney chiropractor based near Denholm, “our bodies cope, but end up with less ability to ‘bounce back’ from life’s challenges” There is no need to wait until there’s persistent pain, however; research shows that recovery times after injury are reduced where chiropractic treatment had been given beforehand. McTimoney chiropractic is safe and gentle to receive, whilst massively powerful. As Mary explains, “We work with the whole patient, identifying not just the symptom but the CAUSE of the pain. By relieving patterns of compensation throughout the body, the cycle of recurrent back pain can be broken.” Taking time to listen to the patient’s experience is essential in reaching the right diagnosis. Mary also believes it’s important to offer appropriate advice so patients can help themselves and keep healing between treatments. “The best outcomes are a result of individual patient-centred care, and that’s what McTimoney chiropractors specialise in”

“Releasing stored tension and trauma from muscles and tissues of the back is so satisfying!” says Rosemary Dean from Down To Earth Health in Selkirk. Using Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques and Hot Stone Fusion combined with the Myo-Fascial Release work, Rosemary finds that levels of pain and restricted movement are changed in many of her clients. A number of her clients have noticed a significant reduction in pain in less than 6 treatments and injury trauma is often released during fascia work, which helps the client move forward with new mobility. Hot stones (or cold for acute cases) give added depth to each treatment. Heat brings blood to the affected area, both feeding (nutrients in the blood) and oxygenating. It also softens the tissue which then allows deeper work to be done using Trigger Points, Acupressure, and Fascial work. This can be a slower type of massage, but it is amazing how much can be released, with little apparent movement.