Shaping up for Summer

May 2014

Let’s face it, we can’t wait to hang up our winter clothes…but we can feel nervous about revealing more of ourselves in our summer gear.

Pilates can help us to shape up and feel fit for the holiday season. Qualified Instructor Dorthe Stevold says, “Because it is a core strengthening form of exercise, Pilates will help posture and balance, giving tone to your belly and support to your back meaning you can walk out of my sessions feeling taller and ready to take the summer on!” Science proves that one hour of exercise will not only help to decrease stress hormones such as cortisol, but also release endorphins, adrenaline and serotonin, giving you that feel good factor. Pilates is a great way to do this as it combines the mind and body for a more harmonious work-out experience. Dorthe Stevold runs four classes throughout the week in Gattonside and Earlston which are open to everyone. If you’d like to try Pilates, please don’t hesitate to contact Dorthe.

Rosemary Dean created effective weight-loss method Lbs & Ozs and says, “One lady has lost 17lbs of fat in the last 12 weeks, and a gentleman has lost 18.4lbs of fat in 11 weeks.” Eating real food and doing regular, simple exercise are key to really healthy weight loss following Rosemary’s guidelines. Weighed weekly on a professional Tanita scales, each person receives a printout that shows: Muscle, Fat, Bone Mass, Water %, Metabolic Age & Visceral Fat (dangerous fat around organs). Rosemary emphasises, “Losing fat rather than just weight makes your body healthier as well as slimmer.” Being qualified in multiple therapies, she is also able to recommend supplements and Homeobotanical tinctures, as well as check for possible food intolerances. Lbs & Ozs is run in 6 week programs in groups, or you can attend individually, joining at any time. You receive an information folder to which Rosemary gives hand-outs and recipes during the weeks. Increase your metabolism, reduce your weight, become a fat furnace, and have a giggle before summer comes with Rosemary.

Yoga integrates mind and body: as well as increasing mental clarity and focus, regular yoga practice can aid weight loss and lead to a strong, flexible, toned body. Yoga is the only form of exercise that physically elongates the muscles – weight training and cardiovascular activity tighten and shorten the muscles, whereas yoga lengthens muscles and builds functional strength into your whole body. Yoga works the body synergistically. Every joint, muscles and fibre is worked, not just isolated muscle groups. Yoga also works with the endocrine system. Internal glands and organs are massaged and stimulated into functioning more effectively. This balances hormone secretion, which has a wealth of health benefits (including weight regulation amongst others). Instructor Shelagh Wallace says, “Yoga balances the body’s natural equilibrium. With regular practice, yoga will lead to a healthier body, healthier mind and healthier lifestyle choices. Yoga is also great for improving self confidence and self-esteem – the perfect practice for body confidence this summer!”