Stop Panicking – Start Living!

April 2014
For someone suffering panic attacks or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), life becomes a struggle as the sufferer tries to battle their fears whilst dreading the onset of another attack. Insomnia, nightmares, and agoraphobia are some of the symptoms that may accompany these distressing states.
Luckily, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) has been shown to treat these
conditions effectively – so much so that the USA now offers EFT to war veterans when they return from service. This simple “tapping” therapy helps panic attacks and PTSD in two ways: it clears away the fear and negative emotion associated with the events which originally caused the condition, and it clears the anxiety and dread that sufferers develop about their bewildering symptoms. EFT Practitioner Sarah
Naylor has helped many clients to successfully overcome their symptoms and begin to live relaxed, normal lives again. The easily learned tapping sequence can also be used independently whenever clients feel the need.
Mandy Gaze offers Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) – a series of simple exercises which successfully reduce the challenging symptoms caused by sudden trauma or the stress and overwhelm of daily life. This revolutionary technique developed by Dr David Berceli supports healing at the deepest levels of the body where traumatic responses originate.
TRE can be used on its own or to enhance other therapies, and enable
you to integrate chronic patterns of tension normally used for protection and defence in fight, flight, freeze responses. When these patterns are switched on all the time they cause PTSD symptoms. TRE can be learnt quickly and adapted to fit any physical ability – the exercises simply activate a predictable and easily regulated tremoring response which comes from the hip flexor muscles. The beauty of the

tremoring experienced in TRE is that it enlists the body’s own natural
recovery process which then works to calm the stress response in the
brain. Once learnt, you have a self-help tool which you can use as