Reiki is a simple but effective form of hand healing, originating in 1920s Japan with applications for a wide range of physical and psychological conditions. Reiki is thought to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing processes promoting relaxation, vitality and well-being, and in this way facilitating healing on all levels. Although there has not yet been any large scale research into the benefits of Reiki, several small but reputable studies have reported positive outcomes. The research suggests, for example, that Reiki treatment can reduce pain and anxiety for both cancer and HIV/AIDS patients. Another study using Reiki treatment for heart-attack patients has shown an increase in heart rate variability following heart attack, an important indicator of healing and increased resilience.


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“The treatment is a very relaxing and peaceful experience overall and I found great benefit with two different problems over 2 or 3 sessions. The first was some emotional issues, which I found after Reiki resolved very quickly. The second was a painful shoulder, which again, after receiving Reiki was markedly improved. My shoulder has been so much better, it’s great! After each treatment, I felt wonderful – very relaxed, but energised at the same time.”  Mrs A. Jardine, Galashiels

“I slept better than I’ve done in months! Although I still feel some soreness in my back it is a huge improvement on yesterday, so thank you so much.”  Sharon Hamilton, Innerleithen

“I saw the doctor about my Achilles tendon and he said it would take 3 months to improve. After two Reiki treatments it was better in two weeks!”  Betty McMillan, Walkerburn

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